Hi, I’m Stephan.

I’m a writer based in Germany, covering music across genres –
jazz, electronic, neoclassical, avant-garde.

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I also work as an editorial and content strategy consultant.


  • I’ve been working in music journalism for 20+ years
  • I held leading editorial positions at Juice (music magazine) from 2007–2013, and Spotify (streaming service) from 2016–2022
  • Bylines in Zeit Online (DE), taz – Die Tageszeitung (DE), Musikexpress (DE), Spex (DE), Bandcamp Daily (US), RBMA Daily (US), Everything Jazz (UK), and others
  • past and present consultancy clients include Universal Music, Deutsche Grammophon, Sony Music, Vice Media, Red Bull, Nike, Endel and many others
  • my non-fiction bookZen Style“ (in German) got published by Arkana, a division of Penguin Random House, in 2021
  • worked as an artist manager and co-founded an independent record label
  • hosted community radio shows for Byte FM (2015–16) and Dublab (2022–23)

10 facts about myself

  1. I’m a fully qualified lawyer, so I actually studied law and graduated.
  2. I live in a farmhouse in a tiny village in rural Northeastern Germany with my family.
  3. I avoid social media and the daily news. I’d rather get to the bottom of things than stay on top of them.
  4. I read around 50 books per year, but I don’t own a TV.
  5. I’m more of an introvert. I like silence and one-to-one conversation. I don’t particularly enjoy parties and phone calls. (Scheduled videocalls are fine!)
  6. I practice mindfulness meditation, and I go on a silent retreat once a year.
  7. I consider myself a minimalist, and I never check a bag.
  8. I’m sort of a wise spender and always up for a bargain.
  9. I don’t drink alcohol, but boy do I love good coffee.
  10. I took my wife’s last name when we married. Patriarchy is hurting everyone, including men.

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