How to Become More Visible as an Artist

The nice people at TRPPN asked me to share my views and experiences on how artists can increase their visibility – without using social media.

I guess they were asking me because I’ve deleted most of my personal social media accounts in 2018 and still managed to successfully publish and promote a book and reach my audience through my Zen Sounds newsletter.

Another reason might be that I’ve been working in music journalism and the music industry for over 20 years now, with a good quarter of that time recently spent in the editorial team at Spotify.

While I definitely don’t have a masterplan, I felt inclined to speak about the need for rebuilding alternative infrastructures. Decentralization is key. We need more of that, in every aspect of the business.

That’s why I generally support ideas like TRPPN, a community-owned platform for creators and fans to share and discover live music experiences and generate income through subscriptions, tickets, partnerships, bookings, and merchandise.

I spoke a bit about myself as well, about my newsletter Zen Sounds, the positive aspects of self-publishing, what we can learn from the early 1980s experimental scene, what I’m listening to right now, and the current situation of independent music.

(Spoiler alert: It’s pretty messed up but not completely hopeless.)

Full interview on TRPPN’s blog

21 July 2023